by theoaklandcompound

The last couple weeks have been abuzz with killer-work-days and debauchery-filled-parties around here and it fills our hearts with joy and admiration for all of you lovely friends.

We’d like to congratulate B for winning Friday nights 100%-consensual Make-out competition with 18 smooches. Yikes!

The impenetrable new fence will keep out the riff-raff swimmingly and we have banners galore.  Hooray!

LEGAL UPDATE is that we’re just waiting for the judge to announce her ruling that she couldn’t decide on at our hearing last Thursday.   As soon as she posts it online we’ll know what our next move is.  Should be any day so we’ve gotta be on our toes.  If its good it’s real good. If its bad it’s real bad.

Although we are feeling the strain of it all, the last thing we wanna do is lose the momentum that this space has gained.  Keep coming to us with your ideas for parties/workshops/projects.    We’re still planning on doing a workshop weekend/week in the near future. That means any skill/idea/reading/movie etc you’d like to share, this is the opportunity for you to do so.

Thanks for bein so damn cool.