EVENT: Urban Anarchism: Antagonism, Infrastructure, and the City

by theoaklandcompound

“On January 17th, there will be a presentation at the RCA TV repair shop at 7 PM.

This will be a multimedia exploration of the relationship between anarchists and the city. While many anarchists see the contemporary metropolis as a completely unsustainable and alienating environment, most anarchists choose to live deep within it.

We will discuss and analyze the positive aspects of urban agitation, the ultimate goals of urban projects, and dissect the pitfalls and traps of life in the big city. The questions we are asking are: Why are we here? What do we hope to accomplish? What do we have? What will we defend?

There will be several short films from the US, Bulgaria, and Greece that will be screened, as well as various slideshows. We are pleased that the RCA is hosting this event and hope all who are interested in defending the space will attend.”

Ps I forgot how to update the goings on’s calendar so just read the posts.