Long Live the Hot Mess/RCA!

Conspiratorial Zone of Endless Summer


Act like it ain’t happening.


LEGAL: We have court tomorrow at 2.    The long story short is that we should win this case and they keep making weak-ass excuses to rule against us.   So we will be going in tomorrow to ask the judge politely, again, to overturn her ruling.

We’re prepared for an eviction any day though and need all y’all to be too.   Thanks to those who showed up for the scare the other day.

IN THE MEAN TIME:  Lets fucking rage.

– Comrade and honorary housemate  C gets outa Santa Rita tomorrow and wants to have a bbq at the compound on Saturday with “lots of meat and some veggies.”  Come over in the day time for food, fun and catch-up.

– The 3-day workshop extravaganza is on for February 8, 9 and 10.  It will be a mix between hands on workshops and discussions about an array of topics.  Each night we’ll show a movie and the last day will cap off with what we do best, a wild ass party.   We have lots of spaces to fill so let us know, via email or the old drop by, if you have any idea for any of the forums.


All cops are bastards.

Thanks for bein our friends.


Good for something <3 <3 <3

Found on craigslist missed connects:

“I met you at RCA, that crustypunk spot, in W Oakland – m4w (oakland west)

 I met you at that spot, yeah the one in the title. I noticed you immediately and caught you staring back immediately as well, and at several points over the course of the night. I worked up the nerve to ask you to dance when that kooky New Orleans-y jazz band started playing (they were fucking good). I haven’t been so smitten by anyone in a long, long time. I was so gobsmacked by your smile and laugh (and your general presence) that I couldn’t even be my usual level-headed, cool-as-a-cucumber self. Seriously I felt like a teenager again, stumbling over words and shit. Anyways, I made an embarrassing attempt at getting your number/asking you out, via the you-take-my-number-and-text-me-yours method, and you never sent me yours and I feel sad because of it. It was the first time I’ve ever found even considering the possibility of feeling in love with someone the first time I met them, and I don’t usually buy into that ‘love at first sight’ shit. I’ll probably never see you again. sigh.”