Good for something <3 <3 <3

by theoaklandcompound

Found on craigslist missed connects:

“I met you at RCA, that crustypunk spot, in W Oakland – m4w (oakland west)

 I met you at that spot, yeah the one in the title. I noticed you immediately and caught you staring back immediately as well, and at several points over the course of the night. I worked up the nerve to ask you to dance when that kooky New Orleans-y jazz band started playing (they were fucking good). I haven’t been so smitten by anyone in a long, long time. I was so gobsmacked by your smile and laugh (and your general presence) that I couldn’t even be my usual level-headed, cool-as-a-cucumber self. Seriously I felt like a teenager again, stumbling over words and shit. Anyways, I made an embarrassing attempt at getting your number/asking you out, via the you-take-my-number-and-text-me-yours method, and you never sent me yours and I feel sad because of it. It was the first time I’ve ever found even considering the possibility of feeling in love with someone the first time I met them, and I don’t usually buy into that ‘love at first sight’ shit. I’ll probably never see you again. sigh.”