With our Heels Dug Defiantly

by theoaklandcompound

We got the ruling overturned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Compound: 1, Rockridge Realty/Bruce Reeves: 0

After 6 months of post-trial fighting, 10 months of legal battle and 1 year of eviction threats, we have FINALLY gotten a break and won the first round in the fight for our home.   No, this is not the end. Have no doubt that they will come swinging in the next round tenfold.   But for now, we are safe.

Friends, it has been an arduous struggle and we have not come out unscathed.  We are wounded and exhausted but proud of our collective perseverance.   Help us breathe new life into the space and make the best of our precious time we’ve fought so hard for. It was a brutally cold winter and with the thaw of spring new potential is found.

Long live the compound. Long live Autonomy. Long Live Anarchy

Hot Mess/RCA 2043.   Hot Mess/RCA Infinite.