“Developers Fuck Off!”

by theoaklandcompound

    Although many of you have already heard of our recent victory in our legal battle against Rockridge Properties over possession of the Hotmess/RCA, it is worth repeating in summary: “Developers Fuck Off!”

    For us it is a historic moment! That the last eight months of emergency meetings, eviction threats, “construction”, living in the law library and Alameda court houses, emotional breakdowns and insomnia, has carried us to this success reminds us of our collective power and opens new possibilities for our future.

    Though we are far from legalized, far from anything less than precarious, let’s draw strength from our success in preparation for a deepening in our investment to each other, our concentric circles of affinity and autonomous movements.

Image    We can envision a future where we are more focused on the decolonization of everyday life, work towards the cessation of patriarchal oppression, forge alliances between tenants and squatters, people of color and workers, and create situations that reproduce queer transcendence of State and Capital.

    We continue to regard the authority of the Judicial system as illegitimate and absurdly injust. Our being criminalized for having no where else to live doesn’t end with this ruling. We are proving that squatters can be more than opportunistic, that we are willing to take risks in defending others and holding space for the anarchist project of total liberation. 

    It’s imperative that we expand our circle, that we continue to open abandoned properties for our practice of self-determination and live without contract or citizenship, collectively invested the rejection of all domination, and returning of this land to those indigenous to it.  

    Let’s put together some events, queer and transgendered intimacies, engage in discussion and criticism. Thanks to everyone who made it happen, for securities sake…we know who we are! Let’s take it to the next level!