Updates from the Vortex

Truth be told: There is no place like this one.

Figuratively and all too literally, things here at the compound are a frothing, molten pit of hope, shit and reverie.   We have big dreams for this space, but are at a constant battle with the ubiquitous decay of our beautiful broken home and social center.  Projects in the works are a neighborhood infoshop, community apothecary, medicinal garden, and an improved event space for benefits.  By the end of summer we hope to have all of them under way. Before they are to become a reality we have to deal with our shit, in all forms, by fixing the plumbing in the downstairs RCA TV repair shop.

Friday July 19 we will be hosting a good ol’ fashion, moral boosting, fun time having Secret Garden Party dinner fundraiser. There will be delicious food, live music, acts of talent,  games and more. All proceeds will go to the social center and future infoshop.    Dinner will be served from 5 to 8.   Come ready to indulge in decadent fare catering to Vegan and gluten free folks, homemade ferments and fancy cocktails.   Music lineup to come.