Since December 2010 The Compound has weathered a myriad of transitions.   It was started as a queer safe space, and combined the Hot Mess House and RCA TV Repair Shop have housed literally hundreds of freaks, queerdos, radicals, hustlers, lovers, and comrades.  We have supported each other through trauma and tribulations. We have challenged our preconditioned tendencies towards patriarchy, classism, and racism.  Undoubtedly, we have grown from it.

At its best, The Compound is a space to actualize the desire for autonomy and self-management that burns within us.  It is a chance to deepen our ability to resist the contamination of our everyday lives by competition, domination and hierarchy. It is a break, albeit temporary, from the suffocating financial burden of rent. Squatting opens up a unique opportunity to move out of the political abstract and practice the prefigurative politics that we strive for.

At its worst, it is a rat motel, drowning in trash and social drama. While we fight to subvert our preconditioned tendencies, all too often, those tendencies find a way to fight back against us. No, we are not discouraged by these shortcomings. We continue to push to destroy such encumbrances.

The grandest aspect of The Compound, is our potential.  With creative collaboration the downstairs RCA has been and could be a conspiratorial zone of endless summer.  All this would be nothing without the help of friends and outsiders.   For this we are grateful.  In the coming weeks we ask you to bring us your ideas for wall art/propoganda, events, and resources.   Utilize this space!  Hooray!

With no future to speak of we not only refuse paralysis from defeat, but we stand defiantly, ready to act according to our wildest fantasies. Today, support means painting murals, raucous events, community meetings, BBQs, and whatever else we can dream up.   May we feed off each other’s ideas and mutual support through the impending battle.  We have said it once and we will say it again, “Not if, But When!”   Thick as thieves we will fight. Let us fight together.