Long Live the Hot Mess/RCA!

Conspiratorial Zone of Endless Summer

EVENT: Urban Anarchism: Antagonism, Infrastructure, and the City

“On January 17th, there will be a presentation at the RCA TV repair shop at 7 PM.

This will be a multimedia exploration of the relationship between anarchists and the city. While many anarchists see the contemporary metropolis as a completely unsustainable and alienating environment, most anarchists choose to live deep within it.

We will discuss and analyze the positive aspects of urban agitation, the ultimate goals of urban projects, and dissect the pitfalls and traps of life in the big city. The questions we are asking are: Why are we here? What do we hope to accomplish? What do we have? What will we defend?

There will be several short films from the US, Bulgaria, and Greece that will be screened, as well as various slideshows. We are pleased that the RCA is hosting this event and hope all who are interested in defending the space will attend.”

Ps I forgot how to update the goings on’s calendar so just read the posts.



Fact #1: The new “fence” doesn’t stop a speeding car.

Fact #2:   Drinking and driving is bad.

Fact #3:  Our poor houses can’t catch a fucking break.

Work party tomorrow to repair/rebuild the fence, fix the Hot Mess stairs, try and patch the giant hole in the RCA wall, general clean up.   If you wanna come help that’d be great.

Also the “Not if, But Why?”  reading group tomorrow at 4 pm.

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When:   Sunday December 30   @   3 PM

What:   “Not if, but Why?”   Compilation of writings about occupied spaces.

Full PDF here (formatted for printing)


Some Introductory Remarks

The following texts have been collected for discussion during this time when a deeply loved space, the  Hot Mess//RCA compound, is under the threat of imminent eviction.  The urgency of this situation brings into focus many of the tensions that surround squatted or occupied space.  Because of this, it seems like an appropriate time to reevaluate our commitments to and practices around such spaces.

This pamphlet has no intention of replacing concrete engagement in the defense of the compound with a theoretical discussion.  It would also be inappropriate to critique oneself out of participating in the Compound’s defense because the space falls short of one’s ideas about the proper form of a free and antagonistic space.

These texts are meant to sharpen our practical analysis, to fuel our conversations at the barricades, to galvanize our spirits with the liberatory potentials of this space- No struggle for space is, in and of itself, capable of attacking the whole of patriarchal, white supremacist, capitalist society. Starting from the humble compound, armed with our friends and our analysis, how can we expand the struggle for this space into a struggle that necessitates the destruction of the entirety of society’s misery and oppression? Furthermore, in our defense of the space how can our practice of friendship articulate itself as a practice of revolutionary solidarity?

Three texts are included here:

  • Against the Legalization of Occupied Space
  • From Autonomous Space Towards Liberated Space
  • Excerpts from “Let’s Destroy Work. Let’s Destroy the Economy.”

Home sweet home


The last couple weeks have been abuzz with killer-work-days and debauchery-filled-parties around here and it fills our hearts with joy and admiration for all of you lovely friends.

We’d like to congratulate B for winning Friday nights 100%-consensual Make-out competition with 18 smooches. Yikes!

The impenetrable new fence will keep out the riff-raff swimmingly and we have banners galore.  Hooray!

LEGAL UPDATE is that we’re just waiting for the judge to announce her ruling that she couldn’t decide on at our hearing last Thursday.   As soon as she posts it online we’ll know what our next move is.  Should be any day so we’ve gotta be on our toes.  If its good it’s real good. If its bad it’s real bad.

Although we are feeling the strain of it all, the last thing we wanna do is lose the momentum that this space has gained.  Keep coming to us with your ideas for parties/workshops/projects.    We’re still planning on doing a workshop weekend/week in the near future. That means any skill/idea/reading/movie etc you’d like to share, this is the opportunity for you to do so.

Thanks for bein so damn cool.


Work Party Wednesday

Noon to 5 this Wednesday 12/12 we’re having a fence building work party to defend from future “break ins.”  Mural and banner painting as well.  Come help out/hang out.   Snacks provided.

Happy Birthday Hot Mess!


Come celebrate the 2 year anniversary of the Hot Mess in the downstairs RCA tv Repair Shop on Friday 12/14.   Acoustic old timey bands and bbq during the day and wild-ass-shit-punk/noise show at night.

Lineup:  Death Drive, Saint Lorena, Mind Cemetery, Placentaur, SBSM and Still Suit

make out competition starts promptly at 9.

Jocks get ejected.


RCA ❤ Hot Mess